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Soul Strength

Soft-cover book by Peter Nielsen

This amazing journey we’re on often throws unexpected twists and turns at us that can rob us of every last ounce of joy and strength that we possess. Minor setbacks that were once easy to maneuver can become mountains that become impossible to scale. Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you’re saying, “I just can’t do this anymore!”
If this description is what your life looks like right now, believe it or not, it is here that there is hope and strength. There is a peace in the midst of this raging storm! There is something your Creator has placed in the deepest core of your being that contains the very life you were meant to live! And that is Soul Strength! Imagine never having to stay in the constant season of sorrow or be taken by temptation. As you develop Soul Strength, you will unleash the burdens that hold you captive. Join Peter Nielsen, Crohn’s Disease survivor and winner of over 50 bodybuilding awards including Mr. America and Mr. International Universe, as he guides you in developing and unleashing the Soul Strength that is already at the core of who you are


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