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BallBike + Training DVD

The Ball Bike combines a cardio workout with muscle toning that also provides stability and strength for those vital core muscles without using multiple pieces of equipment. Spinning provides the high intensity calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. Resistance bands provide the strengthening moves for the muscles that keep the metabolism at a high rate hours after your workout is over and more calories are burned in daily activity. A stability ball engages those core muscles more effectively than run of the mill crunches or planks. The Ball Bike now merges all three of these vital activities into one efficient workout.

  • Saves time: By combining all three of your fitness objectives into one efficient workout you have more time to do the things that you want to do. 
  • Safety: The BallBike® provides an impact free workout to avoid injuries and the frame provides maximum stability ball movement without it getting away from you. 
  • Saves money: The cost of the BallBike is less than a gym membership or purchasing home cardio, core and strength training equipment separately. 
  • Comfort: The stability ball gives a two for one benefit. You are can finally ride a bike in comfort and you are strengthening those core muscles at the same time. 
  • Size: The BallBike takes up less room than either a elliptical or a treadmill and can be easily moved. 
  • Upper Body Front Resistance Bands included 
  • Upper Body Back Resistance Bands included 
  • Quick Start Exercise Guide: Featuring 12 exercises for a total body workout 
  • Workout DVD with Peter Nielsen: 10 minute Beginner, 20 minute Intermediate, and 30 minute Advanced


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