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Peter’s Principles Television

Hosted by world class bodybuilding champion and fitness guru, Peter Nielsen, “Peter’s Principles” is about helping viewers get the most out of life by maintaining their health. It’s a program that, as Peter likes to say, puts more quality into peoples lives. The half-hour multi-segmented magazine format features a wide variety of information on health, nutrition and exercise trends.

Best of all, people get to hear from fitness authority, Peter Nielsen, as he features regular men, women and children facing personal health challenges and achieving success.

From time to time the show features interviews and workout segments with celebrity athletes and fitness pros. Viewers will be able to walk the grocer aisles with Peter to select the healthiest foods, beverages and snacks; and Peter will take us into the kitchen to show us how to prepare delicious, nutritious meals. Each show will be guided by Peter’s core philosophy: Fitness must be plain, simple and fun!

Watch Peter’s Principles every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on WMYD, Channel 20 in Detroit.

For more than 15 years Peter Nielsen has hosted the nationally syndicated Peter’s Principles TV and radio shows. He is the author of numerous books and videos on health and fitness and is a frequent contributing writer for local and national health related publications. He is also an award winning personal trainer. Peter’s Principles is syndicated in over 200 stations across the country.

Principles of HOPE TV

Hosted by world class bodybuilding champion and fitness guru. As Peter likes to say: Hope will always see the invisible, feel the intangible, and if we get out of our own way, it will always accomplish the impossible.”

Join us locally on Comcast 397/Digital channel 40 on Monday’s @ 8:00 am , Wednesday’s 4:30 am & Thursday’s @ 6:30 am.

Regionally/Nationally on Tuesday’s at 7:30am EST

Find Peter on the Radio

Peter Nielsen has hosted Peter’s Principles Radio for over fifteen years. “Peter’s Principles” is about helping viewers get the most out of life by maintaining their health.

Every Saturday Peter is joined by people sharing their personal health and fitness problems and how they overcame them. Peter introduces experts in their respective fields for eye-opening discussions on the latest developments in health and fitness. Tune in to Peter’s Principles every Saturday at 2 PM on FAITH TALK 1500 and 92.7 FM in Detroit.