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Engage with Peter in person!

Peter Nielsen If you like engaging with Peter on TV and radio, you’ll love to engage with him in-person. Peter routinely spreads his message to folks through local and national personal appearances and he’d like nothing better than to see you! This page is updated weekly with the dates, times, and locations of where you can see Peter up close and in-person. 


Check out the appearance listings below and make your travel arrangements. Peter looks forward to meeting you!

Inspire, motivate, educate. That is what Fitness Expert Peter Nielsen does when he speaks at an event. If you’re looking for someone to boost morale in your company, motivate people at a special event, or inspire our nation’s children Peter can do it all. Book Peter for your Event! Click here for more information. Upcoming Live Events Join Peter at these great events to support regular people in our communities!

Events & Appearances